Galerie Charlot

At the occasion of the opening of Galerie Charlot’s new space in Tel Aviv Yafo, the gallery presents the group show «The artside of Algorithms», which brings together a selection of works by a group of artists represented by the gallery.

Originally a mathematical notion de ning a self-contained sequence of actions to be performed, the word algorithm has recently become a part of our daily lives because of its applications in computer systems, data management through the Internet and more broadly the Big Data.

Algorithms are more and more present in our lives, bringing into question their impact on our decision making, privacy and freedom.

At the opposite side of this marketing and control orientated application of algorithms, since the 60’s, a group of artists started using this same mathematical process in order to create art. By appropriating new information technologies for artistic purposes, these artists show an alternative to the mere functional use of the machines by creating  x and moving images.

The exhibition «The art side of algorithms» is a cross-generational exhibition, in which artists use a wide range of media.

Computer assisted art pioneer Manfred Mohr presents some plotter drawings on paper from the 90’s, while French artist Antoine Schmitt addresses the processes of movement and questions their intrinsic proble- matics through generative in nite videos. Anne-Sarah Le Meur shows the poetry and sensuality of light and movement in her experimental 3D work. Some works on paper by Zaven Paré, an eclectic artist blurring the boundaries between art and robotics, will be shown next to Eric Vernhes’ installation producing a totally new generative writing system.

All the artists are represented by Galerie Charlot, which was founded in Paris by Valerie Hasson-Benillouche in 2010 before being joined by Valentina Peri in 2011.

Following its focus on digital art, Galerie Charlot is bringing to Tel Aviv-Yafo its particular taste for artistic experimentation in contemporary art practices. Galerie Charlot focuses on emerging art forms and its challenging vision internationally fostered the gallery’s reputation. The new space in Tel Aviv-Yafo is a consequent step of the gallery’s international gaze.

Galerie Charlot Tel Aviv, 14 Kikar Kedumin 68037 Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israël  +972 58-605-7605