Artistic portfolio


Speculaire brings together artists Flavien Théry and Fred Murie to develop projects that take advantage of their complementarity, by combining physical forms, perceptual phenomenons and digital technologies. Their ambition is to produce immersive images, sculptures, installations and devices that seek to manifest, within reality, the presence of other, immaterial dimensions, as new unsuspected realities. Testifying to this concern for an anchoring in reality, the reference to science and the use of physical phenomenons nevertheless open up a field of possibilities that can evoke an imaginary close to science fiction.

If the artists have been collaborating regularly for more than ten years, the project: Le rayon extraordinaire, initiated in 2020 and presented at the Champs Libres from November 2022 to March 2023, marks a turning point in their pathway. The Art & Science residency from which they benefited for 2 years at the University of Rennes 1 enabled them to develop around twenty works in collaboration with researcher Julien Fade, combining scientific rigor with subjective expression. The large audience that the exhibition was able to reach testifies to this balance found between a demanding artistic approach and a proposal accessible to the greatest number.

Flavien Théry is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg. His research is part of a filiation between the movement of optical – kinetic art, and contemporary practices linked to new media, with a particular interest in the relationship between art and science, in their attempts to pierce the mystery of light.  He is represented in France and Israel by the Galerie Charlot (Paris – Tel Aviv), in Germany by the DAM Gallery (Berlin).

Fred Murie followed a scientific path before asserting an artistic ambition that continues to feed on this initial training. This double identity has led him from painting to digital experimentation to the point of developing today a practice by which language becomes form. Whether visual, verbal or digital, language allows him to deploy an imagination that holds the hope of bringing the invisible to exist, of giving life to the past in the present.

Their works have entered the collections of the New Media Arts Foundation – Hong Kong / Zonhom international cultural development – Beijing, of La Beep Collection / New Art Foundation – Barcelona, of the Fonds communal d’art contemporain of the City of Rennes, of Morlaix communité, as well as various private collections in France, Germany and Israel.